Just a Box. Anything can be a camera. This is not a joke.

What is a camera?

It is a dark chamber with a hole in the front, with material at the back to capture the impression of light.

Anybody can make a camera, everybody has one. You can make one out of a tin can, you can make one out of a trash can. You can even make one out of an apartment. Even your eyes are chambers with holes.


The function of a camera is to creatively control how light will hit the back. Factors that affect how the back receives information are as follows.

  1. the brightness of the subject you are capturing
  2. how big the hole is (aperture)
  3. how light is filtered in front of the hole
  4. the amount of time you leave the hole open for (shutter speed
  5. how far away the hole is from the back (focal length)
  6. how sensitive the back material is (ISO)
  7. how light is focused and channeled (lens)

These are the basic concepts for what a camera is and how one functions.