(b. 1994-)


Welcome to my new site.

My name is Jacob Devine. I am a fine art photographer based in Christchurch, New Zealand.

If you come across me, you will find a skinny, scruffy haired guy wandering through the labyrinths of suburbia and taking photos of state houses. You might also find me around the outskirts of farmland, appreciating the lack of town folk.

Personally, I have a disconnect with civilization.

I sometimes wonder if we become omnipresent by what we do to our surroundings.

Somehow, we are everywhere and nowhere. We come and go, yet our spirit is still felt by the places we tread and touch. We linger and that is something I want to capture in my work.


Anyway, this website was created to display my passion projects and advertise my fine art photography services.

I hope you enjoy.